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The hotel industry is one of the largest industries in the world! So long as people are traveling, there will always be a need for lodging. Some hotels offer the basic essentials, while others go above and beyond to provide customers with the ultimate experience when they are away from home. With this resource, students will be able to learn about special amenities that are offered at full-service hotels and resorts.


I'm a firm believer that all good assignments must first start with intentional planning. It's not enough to simply give our students instructions and attach a rubric and say "here you go". As teachers, we need to take our students through the planning process and help them sort out their ideas on paper. With this planning guide, students will be able to select their chosen amenity for the project. Going forward, students will curate a bio or "about section", list the features of their amenity, pricing for the services and products, and lastly, list multiple ways that customers can contact and schedule with the amenity.


My students had already created brochures and menus this year so I wanted to challenge them by having them create a website that appealed to customers and provided all the essential information that a guest would need.


In this resource you will receive:


- Detailed, editable google slides for lesson pacing and keeps students on track with planning

- 2-page Hotel Amenity Planning Guide (Hardcopy)

- Standards-Based Grading Rubric with 3 standards attached (editable)

- Student example


For a detailed explanation of how this lesson is implemented, please go visit my Instagram account @fcsandcreativeness and watch my story titled "Hotel Amenities" for this resource.


❤️ You will LOVE using this lesson because it's easy to implement and requires little to no prep. Your students will enjoy the opportunity of applying their creativity and constructing a webpage for their hotel amenity of choice.


Using this resource is SUPER easy!

✅View and make any necessary edits to the Google Slide deck.

✅Print copies of the Hotel Amenity Planning Guide

✅Use the slide deck to guide students as they create their amenities

✅Use the student website example for inspiration as students build their own webpage.


Check out the preview for a closer look at what is included in this Google Drive Folder


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As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Copyright © FCS and Creativeness, Baylie Collins

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.


Total Pages: 12 pages


Teaching Duration: 1 Week

Hotel Amenities: Planning Guide

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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