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If you're an FCS teacher due for teaching about The Family Life Cycle soon and enjoy getting your students up and out of their seats, this is the resource for you! Whether you teach Counseling & Mental Health, Child Development, or Family Studies, I think you’ll find that this resource will fit perfectly and align with the standards in your Family & Consumer Science course.


With this resource, you'll be teaching your students about the 6 stages of The Family Life Cycle. These stages include Beginning, Childbearing, Parenting, Launching, Mid-Years, & Aging. As you teach about each stage, students will carousel about the room after brainstorming the various emotions felt, stressors faced, and decisions made at each stage of life.


When you download, you can expect:


  • Detailed Lesson Plan
  • (6) Life Cycle Anchor Charts
  • Lesson slides that include the warm-up, discussion & announcements, objective, lesson covering stages, lesson closure, and timers for pacing.
  • ⭐️ Bonus: I've included anchor charts & lesson slides that feature gay/lesbian couples.


Students will learn:


  • The 6 Stages of The Family Life Cycle
  • Various Emotions Felt, Stressors Faced & Decisions made in each stage
  • This lesson requires movement as students carousel about the room from stage to stage.


❤️ You will LOVE using this lesson because of the aesthetic design and attention to detail that was put into designing the slide deck. Your students will also appreciate the change-up by allowing them to stretch their legs and move about the room as they work through each stage of the cycle.


All text is editable and easy to make adjustments that fit the needs of your FCS classroom.


Using this resource is SUPER easy!

✅Select Warm-Up & Closure

✅Print & Display Anchor Charts

✅Teach the Lesson

As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at to ensure this resource is a good fit for you and your students!


By Grace,


Baylie Collins



The Family Life Cycle

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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