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Coming into my first year of teaching, I had little knowledge of the T-TESS, much less how to prepare myself for it. After completing my first evaluation, I realized that I could have been organizing myself throughout the year to better prepare myself. Rather than trying to collect all of my documents and examples for each domain right before my end of the year meeting, this year I am going to create a binder for myself using these organizers so that I can keep up with it year round! For my evaluation this first year, I was only required to provide examples and proof for Domain 4 - but I went ahead and created organizers for each domain to help those of you who may be asked for more. I hope these organizers make your life easier! Your thoughts and feedback is always greatly appreciated! Wanna keep up with my latest products? Give my Instagram a follow @fcsandcreativeness


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


T-Tess Binder Organization Vol. 2

  • Instand PDF download

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