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I'll be honest, SBG is still pretty challenging to understand even after a year of using this system of grading. Teachers don't truly get it, students hardly get it, and parents... well they may not even try to get it because it's not how they were graded growing up.


These posters have brought so much clarity for me as I"ve spent the summer trying to fine tune my standards. I"m hoping that by having them posted around the room, students will take note and begin to fully understand the grading system and WHY our district uses it.


Each poster gives a brief but detailed explanation of what each 1-5 standard translates to. While SBG has its flaws, I truly believe it is a more accurate translation of what students know and can do. No more multiple choice/ true false responses!


In this pdf file, you will find 1-5 standards for Achievement, Collaboration, and Time Management.


Your Feedback is greatly appreciated!


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Standards Based Grading Posters

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