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Hello fellow FCS educator and thanks for stopping by my store!


If you teach Principles of Human Services in Texas, you know that there is a whole unit dedicated to Personal Care Careers and Services! After teaching this course for the past two years, the personal care unit has to be hands down my all-time favorite! If you want to see how I teach the entire unit, go take a look at my Personal Care Unit Bundle in my store. I strategically plan this unit during teacher appreciation month for a very specific reason so be sure to go check it out!


If you only want access to the business plan part of the unit, by all means keep reading!


If you want your students to tap into their creativity and explore the world of entrepreneurship, this is the resource for you! Learning about various careers can be very complex but thanks to the infographic within this product, your students will stay tuned in with eye-catching, easily digestible information about the many career opportunities in Personal Care. You can either print this pdf to distribute to students or go paperless and upload it to Google Classroom.


Careers covered in the Infographic include:



-Nail Technician


-Massage Therapist

-Personal Trainer


-Funeral Service Worker


The infographic leads into a very detailed, realistic entrepreneurship project where students use this infographic to determine which career interests them most. Next, they will use the Business Plan to create the foundation of their business.


With the help of this structured, easy to follow business plan, students will be able to thoughtfully create the foundation for their business in the Personal Care Industry. This plan will guide them through name selection, determining a target market, writing a mission statement, designing a logo, comparing their prices with competitors, and creating a menu of products & services they will offer.


Extension Piece: If you'd like to tie this project into previously learned content in the Interior Design Unit (Texas TEKS), check out the Interior Design Vision Board (Part 3) located in the product page. Students will use the vision board as a planning guide to create their own 3D model of their business!


Entire Unit:  Save your personal care unit for the month of May when Teacher Appreciation Week is being celebrated at your campus! With this resource I'll teach you how to launch a Teacher Appreciation Spa Day on your campus with your Principles of Human Services students! Be sure to check out Part 1 in the product page.


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Personal Care Services: Business Plan (Part Two)

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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