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To all my Texas teachers, let's be honest - when is the last time you grabbed your smartphone and asked Siri for directions to the nearest Whataburger? Or googled to see how long  breakfast was served? Perhaps you were in a hurry and needed to call and place your Bill Miller taco order for pickup! In today’s high-tech, smartphone world, social media is becoming a  highly successful platform that restaurants and foodservice companies use to promote their products and services. For this assignment, students are given the task of re-creating a foodservice's facebook business page. The overall goal is to enhance the company's social media presence and provide customers with accurate and detailed information regarding the food and services offered.


Included in this download you will find:


- Detailed instructions regarding the influence that social media has on restaurants


- An easy to follow checklist of requirements


- A Facebook Page template that students can draw on, or can be posted in Google Classroom for students to digitally type and add photos. You can also edit the google slide template as you see fit.



**My classes are standards based therefor I did not include a grading rubric. You will need to create your own rubric if you wish to grade this assignment or simply email me to see my SBG rubric.


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By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Foodservice Facebook Page

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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