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Hello fellow FCS educator!


For those of you who teach Principles of Human Services you know just how fun this class is! I love that we get to expose our students to a variety of careers that strive to serve and educate those in our community. With this resource, students will be able to investigate career options that fall within the Consumer Services spectrum.




For my Texas teachers, this covers TEK 2 (F):  identify employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and preparation requirements in the areas of personal interest.


If you have access to textbooks, I highly recommend using Goodheart-Willcox's Principles of Human Services by Sharleen L. Kato. Careers can be found on pg. 225.


If you don't have a textbook for this class or would rather go digital, the following website works perfectly with this investigation:


Consumer Services Careers (First Two Listed)


Finance Career Cluster


Careers can include:


  • Accountants & Auditors
  • Banking Service Workers
  • Bill & Account Collectors
  • Budget Analyst
  • Community Consumer Educator
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Consumer Journalist
  • Consumer Litigation Attorney
  • Credit Counselor
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Fiancial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Fraud Examiner
  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Loan Officer
  • Nonprofit Foundation Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Retail Buyer
  • Retail Sales Manager
  • Retail Sales Worker
  • Sales Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager


For an extension activity, you can group your students and have them create infographics based on the investigation information.


❤️ You will LOVE using this lesson because of how seamless and easy it is to implement - it's ready to teach! Your students will also appreciate the opportunity to discover and learn more about career options available to them within the consumer services sector.



Using this resource is SUPER easy!

✅Select Warm-Up & Closure & Ensure Timers Are Appropriate For Your Class Period

✅Print or Insert Investigation Guide into Google Classroom

✅Teach the Lesson using the Slide Deck

✅Decide If You Want To Use The Extension Infographic Activity


Check out the preview for a closer look at what is included in this Google Drive Folder


As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Copyright © FCS and Creativeness, Baylie Collins

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

Consumer Services Career Investigation

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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