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Are you feeling a little uneasy about starting an upcoming pregnancy unit and having to discuss the "birds and the bees" with your students? Have no fear! Whether you're a pro at teaching about sex education or shaking in your first-year teacher boots, this resource is sure to make "sex talk" day a breeze!


I kept this lesson short, light, funny, and to the point. You'll find that the bones have been provided, outlining the female's role and the male's role in one 50-minute lesson - you have the freedom to expand more and extend student learning if you so choose. It is my hope that this resource will provide humor but also a solid understanding of just how human life is created, biologically. In my years of teaching, so often I found that students didn't truly understand the mechanics of their bodies and had a lot of misconceptions. This resource is clear, easy to understand, and should provide a solid platform for you to engage your students in rich conversation.


Here's what you can expect:


20 Total slides that are editable


Lesson slides that include the warm-up, discussion & video objective, lesson covering the female menstrual cycle, ovulation, the male's role in reproduction, funny videos, word bank lesson closure, and timers for pacing.


Students will learn about:


- The Menstrual Cycle

- The Purpose of Periods

- Ovulation Window

- The Male's Role

- The Process of Fertilization & Conception


One 50-Minute Lesson & Extension activity is provided in the lesson plan.


❤️ You will LOVE using this lesson because of the aesthetic design and attention to detail that was put into designing this resource. Your students will also appreciate the honest conversation with a touch of humor thanks to the fabulous tik-tok creators used throughout the lesson.


All text is editable and easy to make adjustments that fit the needs of your FCS classroom.


Using this resource is SUPER easy!

✅Review the Lesson Plan & Ensure all Videos Are Working

✅Print Exit Slips

✅Teach the Lesson

✅Use the Exit Slip Answer Key to Check Student Understanding


Check out the preview for a closer look at what is included in this Google Drive Folder



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As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


Copyright © FCS and Creativeness, Baylie Collins

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.

Please purchase additional licenses if you intend to share this product.

Total Pages

14 pages

Answer Key


Teaching Duration

50 minutes

Pregnancy Lesson: A Baby's Beginning

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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