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It's that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL!


If you're the kind of FCS teacher who does not enjoy going over syllabi and classroom procedures on day 1, we might have just become best friends! No shade to anyone who does, I've just always found that almost every other teacher in the building is doing the same thing and there are so many schedule changes in the first week alone, it personally just wasn't for me. I felt that the first day of school should be exciting! I wanted to hook my students and get them to "buy in" to the courses I taught. That's why I started doing these rotating stations in my 2nd year of teaching.




Whether this is your 1st year in the classroom or your 10th, this low-prep resource will make your first day of school a breeze for you and your students.


Here's What To Expect:


6 Rotating Stations

  • Who's Your Teacher?
  • Make a Name Plate
  • Hey DJ, Play That Track!
  • Keep The Quote (each FCS prep has its own unique quote)
  • FCS Memory Game (each FCS prep has its own unique set of cards)
  • Get To Know You Jenga - you will need a Jenga set for this station


Lesson Slides

  • Includes warm-up or class entry, objective, task instructions, station slides, class closure or clean-up, & timers embedded for pacing
  • Extra blank slides are included if you wish to add your own stations or additional slides.


Editable Station Table Toppers

  • These are designed to fit Ikea's 4x6 white Tolsby frames, but you can adjust the size of the table toppers in your printer settings if you don't have these frames and would rather use different frames.
  • Each Table Topper comes with station directions so you do not have to explain the task at each table. You're free to roam around, get to know your students, and answer questions as they come up.


FCS Courses Included:

  • Human Services
  • Family & Community Services
  • Family Relationships
  • Financial Literacy
  • Counseling & Mental Health
  • Child Development/Early Child Education
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Education & Training
  • Instructional Practices
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Event Planning
  • Culinary
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Career Exploration


Using this resource is SUPER easy!

✅Print Materials & Items To Last For Years

✅Edit & Customize Lesson Slides as Needed

✅Set Up Stations Around The Classroom

✅Enjoy Your First Day With Your Students!


The number of preps an FCS teacher is qualified to teach seems to grow each year. In Texas, it's over 30 courses now! In the event that you download this resource and do not see your course available, please email me at and I will get your memory game and quotes made items made in a timely manner.


As always, I strive to create meaningful, engaging resources for the FCS classroom. If you find this product helpful and your students enjoy it, please leave a review. Your feedback is crucial and invaluable to me.


By Grace,


Baylie Collins


First Day of School Stations

  • Download provides access to a Google Drive folder containing all items listed in the product info section below.

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